They Now Want Us To Contribute To Moi’s Funeral ~ Oscar Sudi.

OSCAR SUDI is doing somersault all directions waxing hyacinth that his Tangatanga team which has been targeted and prone to insults and intimidations is now being requested to chip in with a hand of help for the contributions of the former president Moi’s funeral.


How many times have the many politicians from other parties been held incarceration and no one has dared to complain for offering a hand of help?


Who doesn’t know that Raila Odinga¬† who was a day scholar at Milimani law court facing plethora charges over the myriad fake allegations while President Arap Moi was in power?


Has it affected him from giving a hand of help?


Is there any luhya politician who was caught on Camera, claiming their community is being targeted when Ezra Chiloba was apprehended over the fraudulent elections and abuse of the office?


How many Luhyas were hitting the street when Nancy Barasa was arrested? Rashid Echesa was arrested and no luhya was on the seen demonstrating for his realese, because while stealing, he never did so on behalf of the community.


Have they refused to contribute or yapped aloud as Oscar Sudi does?


Everyone will carry his cross alone to Golgotha, and even if he will be nailed on the cross, we will continue eating our hard earned ugali in peace, unperturbed by what befalls him.


But when a calamity or death comes untimely, we should put a side our enmities and cooperate to deface the problem.


The politicians from the Rift, should ape this and dedicatedly abstain and restrain from the habit of creating a human cordon around suspects of corruption.

Regardless, just like a mad man is ignored when seated in front of a tall building in the city and points to it that he is the owner of the building when in real sense he can’t even afford a pair of pants, Oscar Sudi operates just like a jellyfish without brain.

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