I See Another African President Dying Next Month ~ Reverend Victor Githu.

“TODAY BEING Tuesday, allow me to dissent my views about religion” Reverend Victor Githu started to reveal his prophecy.

In yesterday’s Daily Nation, Reverend Victor Githu ripped apart and tore apart fake pastors and other church administrators who he referred to as religious quacks and conmen.

As it happens with every religious debate, others will agree with him and others sharply differ with him. But the main score in this whole development is that people are now speaking

We began this debate here in the social media and it has crept into the mainstream media. People are venturing into previously unexplored waters, publicly questioning the authenticity of religion.

The most glaring flow in Reverend Victor Githu’ prophecy is that of all the prophecies, no single scintilla prophecy comes with good things and meant for good to people.

All the prophecies are of bad things and meant to have a negative impact to the people.

Without exploiting the vagueness of the entire concept of religion, all these other religions have flaws, and given opportunities, the adherents of Reverend Victor Githu will equally puncture holes in their respective reputation and show the remnant tatter to the world

The problem is not Reverend Victor Githu. The problem is religion. Religion is entirely defective. It has done more harm than good to humanity. If there is one area that has benefited mankind though he doesn’t seem to appreciate much, is innovation and technology, driven by science

A few minutes ago, on TV there was a story of someone whose detached penis had been reattached by medics at KNH. It is landmark but doesn’t get any attention as it would had it been one of those fake Reverend Victor Githu’s prophecies.

Those saved mildly will see heaven because they aren’t committed to the course. Those too deep into religion have been made cultists, too dangerous for everyone, including to themselves

Many a devoted religionists and especially Christians have had burning questions about the scriptures and especially on matters that aren’t sufficiently expounded, but they have not been able to express their doubts because the doctrines declare such moves blasphemous

However we have come to a time when more and more people are crawling out of the churches to view religion from an outsiders perspective in order to understand it, and that is why many more such articles will be coming out in the days to come

Meanwhile, I join Bonface Mwangi in declining to blame our unchecked morals on an imaginary Satan. Everyone must take responsibility for their actions with passing the buck to some unseen being

I will never waste my time blaming Satan, a being whose very existence cannot be authenticated or verified

I’ve not met him and he hasn’t done me any wrong and so he can’t be my enemy

I know those who steal our taxes, I know those who incite their tribesmen to kill and relocate other Kenyans because they are of a different tribe

I know the village chicken thief as well and I know who rapes our children. I know the terrorists who kills for religion

They are my enemies and not any other imaginary being.

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